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What is Phenibut?

Phenibut is a powder-like substance that is most common for improving focus, suppressing anxiety, boosting mood, and helping promote healthy sleep.

Phenibut functions by interacting with the body, but more interestingly, it almost acts the same way that alcohol works.

However, don't be mistaken, phenibut is vastly more beneficial than alcohol.

Here, we're going to teach you why you should take phenibut, what to expect, and how to use it.

A sample of phenibut powder in a petri dish.
Phenibut is a powder smart drug (nootropic) that is consumed for desired beneficial effects.

Why Would I Want to Take Phenibut?

Phenibut is becoming extremely popular because of all the practical uses and applications it has in just about every lifestyle.

These uses are, but are not limited to:

  • Doing better on exams (standardized tests, college exams, high school, etc.)

  • Improving focus and efficiency on work (physical and mental work).

  • Killing anxiety for dating and other social events.

  • Increasing libido and pleasure for sex.

  • Powering through gym workouts and pushing limits.

Given these applications, why wouldn't you want to take phenibut?

Personally, I was introduced to Phenibut in high school.

With it, I ace'd the SAT exam, and fast-forward a 5 years - I now have a Master's Degree from UCLA.

It's safe to say Phenibut changed my career and life.

Phenibut Effects

In general, phenibut effects are extremely positive and desired.

It's the main reason why it's so popular, especially in the nootropics (smart drug) community.

Phenibut is a compound that binds to the GABA-B receptors in the brain.

This mechanism is similar to alcohol which binds to the GABA-A receptors.

However, because they bind to different brain receptors, the results are vastly different.

Here are the effects that Phenibut causes (that alcohol doesn't).

  • Improved focus through a "Zen" like mental state.

  • Decrease in anxiety (Anxiolytic).

  • Feeling of Euphoria (Increased excitement / happiness)

  • Improved motor and thinking skills - the complete opposite of alcohol.

How to Take Phenibut

Learning the proper phenibut dosage is a crucial, but easy-to-learn skill.

For a higher dose recommended, 500 – 750 mg should be taken twice daily, and this depends on how you would like the effects to be.

This small dosage provides a great mood increase and a feeling of calmness. Moreover, this right dose improves sociability at this lower dose.

At higher doses of 750mg to 1000mg, you still get fresh sensation and mood-lift, but it also assists with getting to sleep to maintain a safe and healthy sleep all night.

However, it is not recommended to exceed a maximum dosage of 1000 mg per taking or 2000 mg on a daily basis.

As it has been mentioned above, it is NOT RECOMMENDED to use 1000 mg per dose or exceed 2000 mg daily.

A larger man and a petite woman ready to take phenibut.
If you're heavier you'll need a larger dose. If you're smaller, you'll need a smaller one.

How long does Phenibut Last

First of all, it takes 30 minutes for you to start feeling the effects of your phenibut dose.

After that, phenibut typically lasts for:

6 Hours

That's quite a lot of time compared to other smart drugs on the market - massive value for every dollar spent.

How to take (consume) phenibut

Well, how you take it depends on whether you are using Phenibut HCl or Phenibut FAA and the recommended dosages have a slight difference for these two products.

Some users prefer to add a measured Phenibut HCl scoop to a glass of water and just drink it like that.

A dosage of phenibut dumped into a glass of water.
This is the most common way of taking phenibut.

What does phenibut taste like?

Phenibut HCl tends to have a rather chemical that adds a bitter taste to it.

Imagine the texture of cool aid powder with a sour, citrus taste - that's exactly what it tastes like.

It is also useful to mix a Phenibut HCl measured scoop into a glass of sweet juice so as to minimize the bitter taste.

Other people like putting Phenibut FAA in a well-folded piece of paper, a folded rolling paper or an empty capsule and swallowing it with water.

This method prevents the sour taste experience with great significance.

You can exactly do the same with Phenibut HCl.

How often can I take phenibut

It is not advised to take Phenibut FAA for more than two times per week.

A tolerence lessens the overall benefits because your body develops a tolerence for the drug faster.

That means you won't be receiving the beneficial effects and effectively be wasting money.

Additionally, it can also increase the adverse side effects.

You should also try to spread your two phenibut dosages even throughout the week.

For example, take it on Monday and the second one on Thursday or Friday.

That's a great way to "buffer" and minimize your tolerence build-up.

A 7-day calendar scheduling phenibut doses for Monday and Friday.
Get a work boost on Monday and a "euphoric" happy effect for Friday using Phenibut.

Is Phenibut Safe?

Short answer: Given it's used properly, yes - 100%.

Here are rules to ensure your health and safety when taking phenibut.

Follow them and you'll have no problems whatsoever.

If there's a risk, how do I minimize or eliminate the the risk?

Besides, whatever effects you would rather have, we have always been recommending starting with a small dose then seeing how it goes before proceeding onto higher dosages.

Some individual's bodies can react differently, or even more intensely than others, so you rather play it safe, to begin with.

Do not take with other drugs.

However, it is imperative NOT to mix Phenibut with either benzodiazepines or alcohol since these substances act in the very same way and potentiate the other's effects.

Crossed out glass of alcohol.
Never take phenibut with alcohol.

Ensuring the right dosage.

Besides, the recommended low dosage of Phenibut HCl should be around 250-350 mg which is to be taken two to three times daily.

As mentioned above, do not do these two things:

  1. Do not consume more than 1000 mg in a single dose.

  2. Do not consumre more than 2000 mg of phenibut in a 24-hour period.