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The Ultimate Guide to Phenibut Dosage

Comprehensive guide by  PHENIBUTHERO

An example of a proper Phenibut dose.

What is the Correct Phenibut Dosage?

Right off the bat, the generally accepted phenibut dosage is:


For your information, that's equal to 0.75g of Phenibut.

If you're using a scale that is in grams, make sure you're not taking 750g of phenibut because that's 1000 times more than the typical dose!

Doing so would be on course for a phenibut overdose.

Important Pheinbut Dosage Limits to Follow

  1. Do not exceed over 1000mg (1g) of Phenibut per dose.

  2. Do not exceed over 2000mg (2g) of Phenibut consumed per day (24-hour period).

How to Take a Phenibut Dose

The Toss-and-Wash Method

This is the easiest (and fastest) method to take phenibut.

  1. Measure out the dose of phenibut onto a piece of paper or your credit card.

  2. Toss the dose into the back of your mouth (be careful not to choke on it).

  3. Take a sip of water and gulp it all down at once.

  4. Drink more water to wash any residual phenibut down.

Why Should I Dose Phenibut Properly?

Here are three important reasons to dose properly.


Phenibut withdrawal is when you stop taking phenibut too quickly.

When withdrawal happens, you typically experience undesired physical symptoms like nausea, tremors, and restlessness.

Withdrawal can happen with other drugs as well.

For example, the caffine in coffee: If you're used to taking 3 cups a day, and then suddenly stop drinking, then you may experience a caffine withdrawal.


Phenibut Tolerance is when you require larger and larger doses of a drug to get the same level of effects as the first time you took the drug.

This is not good because you're effectively spending more to get the same high / effects, as time goes on.

Maintaining a consistent weekly and daily phenibut dosage can help to prevent a tolerance build-up.


Overdosing on phenibut, while not as dangerous as other "hard drugs", is still something that must be avoided as much as possible.

Fortunately, this is really easy to do.

If you follow the basic rules of phenibut dosage and take it responsibly, it's extremely unlikely that you will overdose.