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The Complete List of Phenibut Effects

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The Phenibut High

The Phenibut High is probably the new gold standard for smart drugs (nootropics) and all-purpose performance-enhancing drugs in general.

Phenibut Greatly Improves Sleep Quality.

I, personally, have a hard time going to sleep at night.

And when I do manage to fall asleep at around 3am, I wake up in the morning as if I only got 4 good hours in.

One effect of taking phenibut an hour or two before bed is that it deeply improves sleep quality.

As you can imagine, that's a game-changer that has huge benefits on the quality of life during your waking hours.

Phenibut vs. Alcohol - A Real Clear Choice

It's no secret that we here at PhenibutHero recommend phenibut over alcohol, without question.

In fact, if you're like me, you're probably a social alcohol drinker.

Sure it's better than nothing, but if there's something so much better (and cheaper, I might add), why wouldn't you use it?

This article explains the advantages and disadvantages of phenibut and alcohol - it's quite a home run in favor of phenibut.

Music sounds like you're listening in a high-fidelity acoustically engineered concert hall.

Have you ever had that feeling where you can feel every little detail in music that you're listening to?

It's as if you're wearing $1000 headphones and you're holding them up really close to your ears and it's blocking out all forms of noise and you have the purest sonic clarity when listening to music.

You can hear the punchiness of each bass note as well as all the reverberations and echos that follow. You can hear the synth sounds as well as the different harmonics that are subtly layered in mix.

It's as if you are listening to a song that you listend to a thousand times but are truly hearing clearly for the 1001st time.

Phenibut increases sensitivity to music, creating an increased sense of euphoria.
Phenibut increases sensitivity to music, creating euphoria.

That is what's going to go on when you listen to music with phenibut and it's an accurate estimate of what should it can do for you.

Now, can you really opens up your senses and will become more sensitive to sensations like music.

Increased libido and orgasm for both men and women

One of the best phenibut benefits is its libido boosting effect and it is especially true for women when they take it.

It's no secret that women can't easily get into the mood as men - they require a little bit more work.

Not feeling in the mood to do it? Take a few grams of phenibut and that should fix you right up.

Not only that, but it'll enhance libido and make you more horny. As a guy with a fairly high sex drive, I still felt a noticeable increase.

It will make you last longer and it will give you an extra spark that will make sure your bedroom company appreciative.

A man and woman with an increased libido and sex drive from Phenibut.
Both him and her can amp up pleasure by using Phenibut for sex.

Your orgasms will feel more like an euphoric sensation rushing throughout your body - not like a quick 1 minute jerk in front of your computer.

The best results involve sharing phenibut with your partner because sharing is caring, right?

In conclusion

Phenibut is the new go-to solution for killing anxiety and giving you the competitive edge to all sorts of applications in life.

It can help with, but is not limited to the following:

  • Flirting with women (or men)

  • Social gatherings with large groups of people

  • Confidence in the work environment

  • Stability and calmness in situations that would normally put pressure on you

  • Overall good vibes throughout the day

Phenibut benefits greatly outweigh those from conventional substances like alcohol and are actually better because they don't have the negative effects of these traditional substances.

It's definitely something to try to power through the obstacles that life puts up in front of you and can lead to a more satisfying and fulfilling life in the long-run - all without a dangerous addiction or dependency.