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Just like how you can take vitamins and other medicine in a pill or capsule form, the same can be done with phenibut.

Here we'll primariliy be discussing the main advantages of phenibut capsules compared to phenibut in powder form.

And we'll also briefly touch on why phenibut in capsule form may not be for you personally.

So let's get started!

Capsules do not require any measuring!

As we always mention, it is important to make sure you are taking accurate dosages of phenibut.

In powder form, this ultimately means that you have to measure your phenibut out for each and every dose.

On the other hand, phenibut capsules are accurate and pre-measured.

This ultimately means two things...

Saved time

Depending on the dosage amount, you can easily allocate an accurate dosage in seconds when the phenibut is in capsule form.

In our case, we sell 300mg capsules, making any dosage that is a multiple of 300mg as simple as counting out how many capsules you need.

Conversly, measuring out dosages of phenibut powder definitely takes some time.

Especially if you are a beginner - in which case measuring out dosages will take even longer.

So the saved time really adds up with every dosage you take, which is why the capsules are so beneficial here.

No extra equipment necessary

Measuring out powder dosages on your own also takes some extra equipment.

This absolutely requires a scale of some sort.

And some people also use a dedicated scooper just for the phenibut as well.

On the other hand, phenibut capsules require literally no extra equipment.

It's as simple as counting out your pills and ingesting. Measuring can't get any easier than that!

No spilling phenibut powder all over the place.

On more than one occassion, I know I accidently bumped my scale with the phenibut still on it and it got everywhere.

Some of it even got between the keys on my keyboard.

Not to mention I wasted money on those doses that I spilled.

The worse case with pills is that you drop them, but you can wash them off and still take them.

Phenibut powder spilled on the floor compared to phenibut capsules on the floor.
Dropping phenibut powder is quite bad as you can see. Pills do not have this problem whatsoever.

Portability - take your phenibut anywhere

When you don't have any equipment, this also means that you have the flexibility to take phenibut anywhere!

Simply take your phenibut capsules in a jar or other container and take it whever you please.

Compare that to using phenibut powder:

Taking phenibut is most readly usable at home only.

Otherwise, you are stuck doing one of the following if you have plans to take phenibut in powder form away from home.

  • Taking your scale for measuring (which can get pretty bulky) whenever you plan to take phenibut later.

  • Measuring dosages in advance and keeping the dosages separated and ready for when you intend to take it.

Clearly, capsules are the more portable option!

Phenibut capsules safely stored in a bottle container.
Keep your phenibut capsules in an easy-access container and you can use phenibut just about anywhere, even away from home!

Not to mention that when taking phenibut out of the house, capsules are much more discrete.

Basically it means that people will just think you are taking some doctor-prescribed medicine, rather than a suspicious drug like cocaine!

Ingesting capsules helps you avoid the bitter taste

Because capsules do not release their contents until they are already in your digestive tract, you can avoid tasting that bitter taste typical of phenibut.

If you are really sensitive to the taste, then this becomes much more important.

This is especially true if you find yourself spending extra effort to lessen the taste with sweet juices or other flavor enhancers.

With capsules, you don't have to worry about any of that.

Why wouldn't someone use capsules?

There is really only a very small subset of people for which we wouldn't outright recommend phenibut in capsule form.

And that would be simply for people who are incapable of taking capsules in general.

For that small percentage of people with a significant gag reflex, no matter how hard you try, you will not be able to swallow the capsules on their own.

Having said that though, there are some ways capsules can be swallowed without activating a gag reflex.

The most common way is by hiding the capsules in food and swallowing that instead (the capsules are out of sight and out of mind).

But if you are known to not be capable of swallowing capsules, then you should keep that in mind before deciding to take the objectively better capsule option.

Man having trouble swallowing phenibut capsule.
People with gag reflexes have trouble taking capsules. Phenibut powder is the perfect option for them.

Phenibut Capsules - The ultimate option for convenience

Here's a quick rundown of the benefits of phenibut capsules:

  • Save time by not having to measure dosages.

  • No need for extra equipment.

  • Take your phenibut anywhere you go.

  • Completely eliminate the bitter taste.

But don't forget that there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking phenibut in powder form.

And like we said, it may even be greatly preferred if swallowing capsules is difficult for you.

As long as you are getting an accurate dosage, it doesn't matter how you are ingesting your phenibut.

Having said that, it's clear that phenibut capsules are definitely the more objectively appealing option compared to powder.

Taking phenibut in capsule form has many advantages over powder form, the most apparent being its unparalleled convenience.

Here at Phenibut Hero, we offer 300mg capsules in varying quantities.

This provides plenty of flexibility in taking dosages that fit your specific needs.

So if you're ready to get phenibut of your own (capsules or powder), then click here.

Or you can go back to our main dosage page to further familiarize yourself on proper phenibut dosages.