Why I Quit Alcohol and Take Phenibut Instead

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A comparison of Phenibut versus alcohol.

A Summary of Phenibut and Alcohol

Here is a quick summary comparing phenibut and alcohol.

We will go in-depth for all these points after.

Characteristic Phenibut Alcohol
Motor Skills? Maintained Impaired
Thinking Quality? Sharp Slowed
Speech? Same Slurred
Cost? $0.30 per dose $2-10 per shot/pour/drink
Hangovers? None Possible
Social Skills? Improved Slightly Improved

Alcohol for confidence is now a thing of the past

Using alcohol to provide confidence is not a valid option in this day and age.

Sure it was the best option 10 or 20 years ago, but technology has grown a lot since then.

It's not enough to drink alcohol to change your mindset and become more confident.

If you're like me, you're fairly honest with yourself, and you realize some of your personal shortcomings from time to time.

When you feel like you're not at your very best, your inferiority complex starts to kick in.

Thoughts of "I wish I was taller" or "I wish I was better looking" kick in.

A man depressed and drinking alcohol at a bar.
Despite the miniscule benefits of alcohol - it is, at its very core, a depressant.

These negative thoughts will occur despite that you are actually doing very well for yourself.

However, that inferiority complex is a physical barrier that keeps you from being alpha and confident.

Until you've truly met your goals you'll never truly have the feeling of confidence.

Phenibut can change those feelings to modify your current outset on life.

Therefore, all you should do is take phenibut to create those chemical reactions inside your brain to give a very real feeling of confidence that you can utilize for the short-term.

This phenibut effect allows you to break free of the frozen state of depression and dissatisfaction with yourself, and instead take action to go out and make real accomplishments.

Becoming "Sober Drunk" - How Phenibut provides all the benefits of drinking without the downsides.

In a nutshell, with phenibut, you'll feel pretty good but not with the "sloppy" side-effects of alcohol.

A man high on Phenibut shows all the positive effects and none of the negative ones.
Phenibut improves mood and relaxes you without sacrificing judgement, clarity, and motor skills.

Once you take phenibut, you may never take alcohol again.

That's not an overstatement, I assure you.

You see, it's so hardwired in our society that drinking alcohol is the go to method for having a good time. That couldn't be any more farther from the truth, espeically in these modern times.

Alcohol is an inhibitor and depressant. It affects your mind so that you're more loose and likely to do things you wouldn't normally do but the tradeoff is that it deteriorates your motor skills and decision-making skills.

This combination is simply not good espcially when trying your luck with women. A woman wants to be with a man and to be entertained (no this is not beta behavior it's a simple fact). In order to be entertaining, you need to have good control of your mind - alcohol simply doesn't do this.

So by creating a super drunk feeling you lose the brainpower and skills that come with being drunk, but with phenibut, think of it like you're getting all the benefits of alcohol without all the negatives.

You'll emit a calm look on your face and you'll be able to hold a conversation without falling over. It's the perfect combination for getting a woman and it's also great for social situations as well.

Phenibut is actually way cheaper than alcohol.

Let me throw some numbers at you regarding phenibut and alcohol.

A pint glass draft beer at the bar costs $2 - 3.

A phenibut dose costs less than $1.

With beer, you typically drink at least 2 glasses - with that you're already exceeding the $5 mark.

So throwing the "money cost" factor into the debate - the argument for phenibut is further strengthened.

Comparing to wine ($7 per pour) or hard liquor ($6+ per shot)? No-brainer that phenibut is cheaper.

Even if you manage to find beer bottles for $0.80 each, phenibut is still more cost-effective.

If you want to calculate how much phenibut will cost you per week and month, check out our cost-dose calculator, here.

A variety of alcoholic drinks with their typical cost per pour labeled.
Alcohol is definitely not cheaper than phenibut.

And for more general information on how much phenibut to take, check out our comprehensive phenibut dosage guide!

Never mix with Alcohol

Not that you would be doing this, but it's useful to mention and remember.

If you love your life like I do, taking Alcohol or benzodiazepines with Phenibut should never happen.

This is because, when taken together, the effects multiply predisposing you to more risks of overdose, excessive hangovers and fatigues.

When taken together, these substances potentiate each other’s effects since they act in the same way.