How to Use it to Do Better on the SAT and Other Tests

Comprehensive guide by Mike from  PHENIBUTHERO

Visual effect of phenibut as it pertains to concentration.
Phenibut essentially prevents you getting distracted.

Do you have a critical test around the corner and you would like to do well in it?

If you're like me, I'm sure you can agree that you wish there was some way to suppress the stress and create laser-like focus to operate like a supercomputer.

I thought it was impossible.

But that was until I discovered: Phenibut.

To be honest, I really wish I knew about this drug back in high school.

But the good thing was, I started using phenibut for college tests, and I absolutely crushed them.

Let me show you why.

This is a drug that has been tested and proven to treat anxiety, boost mood and help to promote a healthy and sound sleep.

Are you are ready to reach your full potential this time round?

This drug has been known to help people show improvements in their academic ability, social relationship and the overall quality of life.

However, when taken carelessly, this drug can do more harm than good to your body and distract your overall functioning.

To avoid all the mistakes involved, you need to learn more about this drug in order to give your body the best experience.

Let’s learn how to use this drug to have the best experience and even be in a position to do better on the coming SAT standardized test.

The SAT Standardized Test Logo.
The Dreaded SAT test - We're going to make short work out of it with Phenibut.

How does it work?

Phenibut is a depressant on the nervous system in a similar way to alcohol.

However, the main difference between phenibut and alcohol is:

Phenibut is not an inhibitor, unlike alcohol.

An inhibitor is something that degrades your motor, sensory functions, thinking, and judgement.

Not the best thing for taking a test!

That's why common sense tells us not to be drunk while taking a test.

Phenibut, while a depressant, is also a nootropic - a "smart drug".

It literally makes you "smarter" by increasing cognitive function and efficency.

Additionally, there are tranquilizer effects that suppress stress and anxiety - which is obviously helpful in focusing during the test.

It is these combination of effects that makes Phenibut so dang effective, especially in the application of taking brutal tests.

Phenibut improves focus which is especially useful during tests.
Ever get distracted and look around at others during a test?
With Phenibut, not anymore.

Is this drug approrpiate for test taking?

In a world where everybody is trying to get into the top universities, you're going to need every competitive advantage that you can get.

Phenibut is not harmful when taken in moderation.

So if you're planning to take it during the test, there's an incredibly low risk of side-effects, since it is essentially a one-time use.

Also, nobody detect that you're under the influence of Phenibut so an exam proctor will never be able to know.

The only way is if they do a blood test immediately before the exam, which will never happen.

Exam proctors watching over a student taking a test.
It is impoosible for exam proctors to know if you're under the influence of Phenibut.

From my personal experience, this is the right drug to get you prepared since it will get you thinking faster, it will reduce anxiety and will make you generally happy.

In addition, it will give a general feeling of well-being, increase your desire to talk to people and help you enjoy listening to music and life in general.

How does Phenibut compare to Adderall?

As someone who has taken both Phenibut and Adderall with the goal of doing better on tests, I can confidently say that Phenibut wins by a landslide.

The problem with Adderall is that while it is a stimulant, it doesn't improve mental focus.

In other words, your mind starts thinking faster, but it doesn't think clearer.

Phenibut allows you to think faster and clearer.

This simple fact alone is while I'll choose Phenibut over Adderall any day.

A few Adderall tablets.
Adderall is pretty popular, but nowhere near effective compared to Phenibut.

How to use Phenibut to Improve Test Score Performance

Although this drug has many benefits their effectiveness depends on a number of variables such as one’s diet, age, mood, genetic background and environmental stimuli.

Would you like to try them?

Well, if you are ready, don’t be afraid.

Its massive benefits have made it popular among students, athletes and other professionals that require high levels of growth and performance.

So, if you are ready, this is the right time to begin. Do you know how to go about it? Using this drug well is vital for effective performance.

These high levels give one a mood lift, increased sociability, a calm sensation and helps one to get a healthy sleep throughout the night.

Tips of using Phenibut for the best results

School work and especially exams can be tiresome and painful for most students.

Here are some tips to help you ease your work and improve performance.

Break the dosage

Since it takes the drug roughly 5hours to get into full effect, breaking it into two parts is important in order to allow your body to ease into the drug slowly instead of having it come at you in full force.

For example, if you are taking 2 grams in a day, take the first 1 gram early after waking up on an empty stomach.

2 hours after first dose take 500mg then 5hours after the first dose take the remaining 500mg.

Take on an empty stomach

When taken together with food, this drug's effect is mild. If you want to get the best out of this drug, take it early in the morning or at least 3 hours after meals.

Take with water or juice

Since this drug has a sour and bitter taste, taking with a sweet drink is important.

Otherwise, you might avoid taking it at all.

If you have the drug in powder form, you can add a scoop of the drug in water, yoghurt or a glass of sweet juice.

If you’re taking in form of a capsule, just swallow with water.

If you want to avoid the taste of the drug in your mouth, pack it into in a tasty, but easily swallowable food (like a gummy bear).

An example of a tasty bite-size pastry perfect for packing phenibut in and swallowing.
Pack the Phenibut powder in a bite-size food and swallow it!

Stimulant with Phenibut is great

Which kind of stimulant do you enjoy taking in the morning? When taken with caffeine, they work perfectly.

So you college students who rely on a morning cup of coffee definitely have an opportune routine here.

This is simply because when used simultaneously, the two have a synergistic effect on the body.

Those in the nootropics (smart drug) community call this "Giving the Phenibut a kick".

This is safe to do, so don't worry about it.

However, the best thing to do is to not mix the Phenibut with the coffee, just take the coffee after taking the Phenibut.

Phenibut can be taken with this cup of coffee.
Have a cup of coffee after taking Phenibut to "boost" the effects.

Caffeine can counter-balance the slight sleepy effect from the smart drug by keeping you awake for long while it crushes the jitters and excited nature from caffeine.

However, you should ensure that you balance the proportions to avoid having one overwork the other.

Phenibut Makes Studying More Efficient.

Phenibut is not a replacement for not preparing and studying.

As we described, Phenibut can be used to maximize your performance during the actual exam.

But it does not compesnate for lack of studying and preparing.

The good news is, you can actually use phenibut to help in your studying sessions.

In fact, that's an extremely powerful way to use phenibut to secure those high test scores.

Not to mention, this allows you to get used to the drug so that you can gauge your response to it beforehand, rather than the critical moment of the actual test.

Clearer thinking and focus (the effects that we described earlier) can help you to absorb and retain the information gained from studying.

It does this all while minimizing the liklihood of you getting distracted by going on Facebook or other unnecessar "time-sucks".

In Conclusion

All good things require moderation and responsibility.

To benefit from Phenibut, take it a few hours before you plan to actually take the test or study and the mental concentration will start to kick in.

With your SAT standardized test around the corner, this smart drug will help maximize your potential.

Follow the tips and you won’t be disappointed – you will be happy you did. All the best!