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Man and wife soundly asleep with the help of Phenibut.

What if I told you you could wake up, well-rested in less time than you normally sleep for?

What if you could actually hit your alarm clock once and get up instantly, rather than torturing yourself out of bed?

Enter a nifty little powder supplment called "Phenibut".

Every since I discovered phenibut, I just take a few mg before bed and I reap all these sleep-related benefits.

Let's learn how you can use phenibut to improve your sleep quality.

The Immediate Benefits of Using Phenibut for Sleep.

  1. You will fall asleep faster.

  2. You will be less interrupted while you sleep.

  3. You will wake up easier.

  4. You will wake up fresher (more well-rested).

Dosage recommendation for the sole purpose of sleep quality improvement.

Take less than a typical dose.

Ideally you'll want to take significantly less than the "standard sleeping dose" of 750mg, at least 30 minutes before you plan to go to bed.

Therefore if you plan on taking phenibut for sleep, you should aim to dose at around


There are a couple reasons for this:

  1. The main reason is to make sure that you minimize the risks of developing a tolerance for the drug over time.

  2. You also don't need that much because you're just using it to "bump" your brain into a calmer state.

Optimizing Your Sleep Time to Maximize Your Productivity

It's no secret that sleep takes up a good chunk of your 24-hour day.

Everybody is a victim of this... because everybody has to sleep.

But what if I told you you could get the equivalent of 8 hours of sleep in just 4-6 hours?

That's a no-brainer deal.

It will give you the competitive advantage.

Are you in a competitive career?

Trying to get that promotion over your co-workers at the same company as you?

If so, then you know that this is a daily effort.

And so by cutting your total hours slept without cutting the quality or benefits, I'm sure you can imagine how powerful that is.

You're literally gaining more time during the day.

That time gives you more time to do a better job or literally crank out more work than your competition.

And when you really think about it, you're actually gaining years on your life.

Let's do the math.

Morpheus Meme - gain more time using phenibut.
Time. The most precious commodity on earth. Phenibut gives it back to you.

Everybody has 12 hours a day where they are free to do whatever they like.

This is after taking out time that you have no choice to do: eating, sleeping, hygiene, transportation.

By taking phenibut to "gain time" through more efficient sleeping - let's say you gain 1 hour back (a very real, reasonable result).

So now you have 13 hours a day instead of 12 - that's a 8.3% gain in useable time!

Now let's say you were live for 80 years without phenibut.

With a 8.3% time increase, instead of living for 80 years, you're effectively living to 87 years instead!

Phenibut, quite literally has added 7 years to your lifespan!

Spend less time sleeping (without feeling tired), and more time living life.

Living life to the fullest.
Sleeping your life away is not an option - so literally don't do it! Use phenibut!

Eliminate restless nights

Have you ever had nights in which you just couldn't get yourself to sleep?

In these cases, you are most likely being kept awake by stress and anxiety.

As an example, you may be thinking about that big exam tomorrow morning.

Or something that's turned your life upside down recently (like a breakup, or a death in the family).

In either case, you are often left tossing and turning in bed until you finally fall asleep.

But at that point, you've already lost at least 1 hour of quality sleep (and most likely even more than that!)

This is where phenibut comes in!

If you've read up on our phenibut effects page you'll know that phenibut is known to make you feel relaxed, and more importantly, reduce anxiety and stress.

So by taking phenibut before going to bed, any stress and anxiety that you would normally have will just be non-existent.

The result is you falling asleep almost immediately - No more wasted hours lying awake in bed!

Woman who fell asleep fast due to phenibut.
Wouldn't it be nice to instantly fall asleep without tossing and turning for an hour?

You can finally control your sleep once and for all!

And that's precisely why phenibut is used as a sleeping aid, especially for people who suffer from insomnia.

Ready for better nights (and longer days)?

Sleep is a necessity for everyone, no matter how you look at it.

So why let your sleep continue being substandard when there is a way to do it right?

Try it for yourself and see just how much it changes your life!