How to Use Phenibut to Hit your Weight Loss Goals

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Man and woman who lost weight with the help of Phenibut

Diet basics and why they usually fail

Weight loss is all about having a caloric deficit.

This means maintaining 1500 - 1800 calories a day (i.e. less calories than you'd normally eat).

Do that, and you will see a significant reduction in weight over time, guaranteed.

However, the keyword where most people ultimately fail is "maintain".

While most people can start off well, a lot of them simply cannot maintain the low-calorie diet over time.

Despite all the motivation they have in the world to eat less and lose weight, they eventually cave (whether they realize it or not).

They slowly starting eating more and more, which is all it takes to ruin their weight loss goals.

Phenibut is the unheralded answer

So how does phenibut play into all of this?

To put it simply - it is an appetite suppresant.

Phenibut is an appetite suppressant, meaning less calories consumed and actual weight loss results.

A woman who is not hungry anymore because of the appetite suppressant effects of phenibut.
Phenibut suppressing your appetite is an incredibly powerful weight loss tool. Some would consider it cheating.

By taking a moderate dosage of phenibut on a regular basis, you can avoid taking in those extra (unplanned) calories.

This means actually maintaining your weight loss diet.

And like I said earlier, as long as you maintain, you will see results.

This is probably one of the most underrated benefits of phenibut!

Simply taking phenibut will naturally lead to less calories consumed, meaning you will shed those pounds over time without ever "feeling" hungry.

The best part?

It really doesn't matter what you actually eat - just "how much".

Phenibut fully controls the "how much" for you so you can literally eat all your favorite foods.

And even if you are not doing any exercise whatsoever!